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About Headlines & Deadlines

about headlines & deadlinesFounded in 1993, Headlines & Deadlines is the outgrowth of my established relationships with industry and media contacts coupled with my experience as a VP of Marketing for an international cosmetics conglomerate.  I established my company by using my expertise as a promotional and marketing specialist with a documented record of success in all aspects of corporate level management, including both national and international market penetration, product development, and direction of national sales force.  My solid public relations background in both print and electronic media includes the beauty, fashion, health, education and special events/charity markets.

During the company’s history, I have developed press campaigns, which include the establishment of crucial timelines based on promotional calendars, and organized special events in order to achieve an established identity for the client within their desired marketplace.  Additional services provided could include: marketing consultant, educational workshop presentations (past clients include MTV and NYU), and staff training sessions. My services range from copywriting (brochures/ads, etc…), supervising photo shoots, as well as overseeing website design and internet marketing.  Larger projects entail creating product lines and full-scale marketing campaigns.

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