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Beauty Bytes...

Updated: 7 yearss ago

We just created a new campaign for Gerard Bollei, one of NYC's best beauty salons. The typical one-day promotion suddenly turned into a whole month of rewards... designed to add new clients during the traditionally slower month of February.

The ABC's of Public Relations

The ABC's of Public Relations

Updated: 7 yearss ago

Lately, it seems as though everyone has a publicist, from top megastars to infamous "15-minutes-of-fame" wannabes. Be that as it may, most businesses today, especially those that are consumer-oriented, should retain a publicist to help define, promote, and maintain their public image. After all, a publicist's area of expertise is the public arena - its trends, forecasts, and overall state of mind. As such, the purpose of a publicist is to keep you, the client, in the foreground of that arena well beyond the standard "15 minutes." That ability is what defines a truly effective publicist, and this article has been designed as a framework for your future publicity plans.

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