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  1. Brochures
  2. Ads
  3. Websites
  4. Staff Bios
  5. Promotional pieces (ex-flyers, postcards)
  6. Email blasts
  7. Company description for online directories
  8. Staff training manuals
  9. Signage


Copywriting is a fine art, intended to both sell and define a person, place, or thing.  Given the pace of this city, the best NYC copywriter knows how to get the message across quickly and simply.  Select your best feature and sell it, sell it, sell it. 

At Headlines and Deadlines, we specialize in original, memorable headlines that tell your story in the best way possible.  What is the best way?  The one that sells whatever it is you’re selling to whichever market you want. How do we know what your company needs? By listening to what you have to say instead of dictating to you.  After all, who knows your company better than you do? Once we have had a few conversations together, we will be able to create copy that masters your material in an inventive style.    

Copywriting services include: Product/Service brochures; Packaging; Promotional Postcards/Flyers;

Websites; Bios; Company Backgrounds; Staff Manuals; Training Manuals;

Form Letters; Directory Ads; Blurbs; Company Literature; SEO Ads; Other-just ask!


Creating Product Lines with Quality and Originality…While Keeping an Eye on the Bottom Line!

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

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